How to replace the cabin air filter in Peugeot 308, 408 without assistance

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One needs to replace the cabin air filter once a year, or on kilometrage of 20 thousands km, as it is recommended by the producer plant of Peugeot 308, 408.

The fill piece from the side of the engine bay (which is located on the right before the front passenger) is changed:

  1. Take off the four snaps, which hold the noise-attenuating screen, pull it out,
  2. Take off the lid of the cabin air filter and change it for the new element,
  3. Assemble all the details in reverse sequence.



The photo presents how everything is arranged:


air filter Peugeot 308 408

air filter Peugeot 308 408

air filter Peugeot 308 408

air filter Peugeot 308 408



In Peugeot 308 and 408, everything is located identically; the cars practically do not differ, and in turbo models the cabin air filter is in the same place.


For what do we need a cabin air filter?

A filter element, letting air through into the cabin, prevents fine particles of dust and sand and other unwanted impurities which are contained in mixed  by the wheels of the ahead going cars air masses.


Earlier, equipping a cabin with a filter system was considered as something exotic, but today standard accessory is treated quite ordinarily. Is it obligatory to have a filtration system in standard option in a car cabin? Of course, it is a matter of everyone’s concern to have an additional filter protection, as you must not forget: dirty and “heavy” air reduces immunity that leads to respiratory diseases development and complications with breathing passages.


Moreover, nowadays the amount of allergic persons is extremely increasing. Unfortunately, the polluted atmosphere is one of the main reasons why people get allergic reactions. So, before giving up the idea of the ventilation system in your car, you should better weigh the pros and cons. For all that, let the cabin filter neutralize the filthy outward air, than the lungs of a driver and passengers.


If to take into consideration statistics of the previous years, we can see that in the very first car modules, which did not have air filters, units and mechanisms were constantly worn out, as outside the city boundary the roads were not covered with traffic-bearing surface, and dust easily penetrated into the combustion chamber, causing huge damage to the engine.


Only in the 30th years of the previous century, the cars started to be seriatim equipped with air filters. Today, drivers have another approach to the air purification, though the car configuration has the ideal combination – the cabin filter and the conditioning system. The modern European park of cars is equipped with air filters by 85% and according to the expert evaluation, this percentage will only grow.

Such leading providers of filter cartridge as Mahle, Sogefi, Bosh are working diligently to improve the level of filtration. As a rule, the factor of refinement depends directly on the quality of filtering materials. In order to maximally protect the respiratory tracts of drivers and passengers, the world leading providers of car components offer the high-quality production, for example, the Bosh Company   released filters with an extra layer of activated charcoal, which is made of coconut shell.


Such a filter guarantees 100% defence of the car cabin against hard microscopic particles in air, which can accumulate in the lings and provoke allergic reactions. The biggest provider of auto-components at the Russian market is Mahle, which pays attention to all the details, even to the quality of clue during development.  The developers of this company assert, that clue of poor quality when being warmed by the stream of heated by the heater air, provoke the emission of harmful substances.


In shops there are filters to satisfy any budget, the selection is so big, so there will be no problem to choose the best solution. You should better not risk, and buy cabin filters of famous and trusted brands, releasing the production with the high level of air refinement.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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