How to Renew the Valve Cover Gasket on Peugeot 308, 3008 and 408 with EP6 Engine

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There are such moments when you open the motor hood and discover some oil leak around the valve cover. It’s time to renew the rubber gasket of head cover assembly. I’d like to tell you how to renew it on turbo-engines and general EP6s with your own hands. We’ll start with the general engines which are set on Peugeot 308, 3008 and 408. We need some tools for it:

  • – a small tap-wrench and a ratchet spanner
  • – 8 and 10-point heads
  • – wiping waste
  • – a screwdriver
  • – sealer
  • – a 30-point hexagon key

How to Renew the Valve Cover Gasket on Peugeot
First undo two self-drilling screws on the valve cover’s top plate with 30-point hexagon key or 8-point head.
Then screw the clip off the air inlet resonator tube, take the resonator away, undo the snorkel tube and extract it.
Detach the air filter body from the baffles upwards and take it aside closer to accumulator.
Remove the ignition coils lifting latches and taking connecters out of them.
Then detach the whole wiring including two latches which are unseen and are on the cover’s back side behind the engine from the valve cover. Disconnect the connecters and the camshaft.
Also you must detach crankcase gas return clip and, of course, shut off the fuel tube carefully, reach it up and remove it behind mounting lug.
Check if anything prevents the cover from being removed and installed on sitting position.
Undo 13 screws supporting the cover and remove it without turning it round, otherwise remaining engine oil can run out of it.

Remove an old gasket and wash the valve cover. Cleaner is more convenient, you also can do it by all means but solvent degreasing is not recommended.
Place the gasket in the dry de-oiled valve cover in accordance with marks on it.
Wipe the cylinder head with wiping waste, get all sealer remains away from all the corners sideways accumulator and deoil them.
When you put back the valve cover with a new gasket, you must cover the cylinder head’s corners with sealer.
Then gather all the details in inverse order, don’t forget to place tubes and connecters on their mounting spot.

Now I’ll tell you how to renew the gasket on turbo-engines and it is a bit difficult due to air tubes positioned on the valve cover with your own hands..
Remove all the intervenient air tubs from EP6 turbocharged engine, disconnect them and draw the ignition coils out.
Undo the air intake tube of throttle gate which is behind the engine close to fuel hose. The clip can be screwed off with a ratchet spanner or a 8-point head.
Screw the mounting lug off partially with a hexagon key.
Be attentive after removing the cover, vac or blow the threaded fastener because while installing you’ll bring dirt and sand to thread base and won’t bolt on. You won’t have a chance to remove all this dirt from there so I’ repeat: remove dirt and sand from the threaded fastener.
Then remove and lay new sealer in the corners on the cylinder head. After installing check all clips and air pipes’ tightening. There shouldn’t be air-pressure loss as it can affect turbine’s work in a negative way and cause some mistake concerning pressure.
Bolt tightening for valve cover: preparatory tightening – 0,2 dNm, major tightening – 1dNm.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (3 votes, average: 2.67 out of 5)

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