Peugeot Lamps – Replacement of lamps for Peugeot

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How to replace high beam, low beam and fog headlamps for popular Peugeot models with your own hands

It’s very important to illuminate the area in front of the car. All drivers know that the bad light can lead to fatal consequences. Most of them delay troubleshooting of the lighting system as they don’t want to visit the service station for nothing. But you won’t have to do this, as you can replace all the lamps with your own hands.

Lamps for Peugeot 308, 408

Lamps for Peugeot 308/408

There is the same and standard set of the lamps for Peugeot 308 and Peugeot 408 cars:

  • H1 high beam headlamps – 2 pieces, 55 W;
  • H7 low beam headlamps – 2 pieces, 55 W;
  • P21 daytime running lights with 5W marker lights – 2 pieces, 21/5 W;
  • PY21W head and WY5W rear direction lights – 2 pieces of each type, 21/35 W;
  • H8 fog headlamps – 2 pieces, 35 W;
  • P21W rear fog lamps – 1 piece, 35 W;
  • W5W license plate lights – 2 pieces, 5 W.

Some lamps for Peugeot 308 and Peugeot 408 are different in type, voltage and number. The stop lamps on Peugeot 408 correspond to the P21 type and are available in 2 pieces. The second model of the car requires 4 lamps.

Lamps for Peugeot 3008: General Operational Recommendation

Peugeot 3008 is one of the most common and demanded cars of the manufacturer. So it is not difficult to find its spare parts that are offered not only by official suppliers.

The lighting system of Peugeot 3008 (just like of any other car) is an important aspect of the safe drive. So it is obvious that it’s necessary to replace the lamps at the first signs of trouble.

To choose the right lamps for Peugeot 3008, specialists recommend to:

  • Specify the year of production and the model of the vehicle when buying the lamps;
  • Remember the VIN or write it down (when you are going to buy spare parts from official distributors);
  • Use the part’s number. Original lamps for Peugeot don’t leave the factory without it. If you once bought an unoriginal part, the wrong number may be specified or it may even lack.

These recommendations will suit owners not only of Peugeot 3008, but also of any other car models.

Replacement of Low Beam Headlamps

Low beam headlamps are situated in the upper and back part of the lighting system. However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t able to replace then on your own. The process of removing them and installing the new ones is simple and won’t take a beginner more than half an hour.

To replace low beam headlamps, you need to follow the instruction:

  1. Remove a plug (a rubber rim around headlights).
  2. Remove a power wire carefully. You must be attentive as insulation substance is often collected there and a small electrical charge stays on the wire. Electric shock is not dangerous but not so pleasant.
  3. The Peugeot lamp is pressed by special metal catches that need to be opened. The inability to see what you’re doing makes the process even more difficult. There is a hinge in the lower part, and you need to push catches to the right and to the left.
  4. Take out the lamp and replace it.
  5. Install low beam headlamps in the same place in reverse order.

If low beam doesn’t light after being replaced, it is recommended to check the tightness of plugs with power wires. Beginners often make a common mistake when they don’t press them to the end. Due to this, the current is not transmitted.

All drivers very often use low beam. So, it’s necessary to fix troubles if there are any of them.

Replacement of High Beam Headlamps

High beam is used not so often but it doesn’t mean that you needn’t check them. Replacement of headlamps is a simple process so you don’t have to line up in front of the service station for this. Beginners and especially experienced drivers can cope with this problem on their own.

Replace the high beam lamps according to the instruction:

  1. First of all, open the hood.
  2. Dismantle the plastic protecting part. If it is damaged, e.g. there are cracks or chips, you need to replace it too.
  3. Remove a rubber protecting case from the light.
  4. Open catches and locks. It’s easier to replace high beam lamps that low beam or fog ones as the driver can see what he is doing.
  5. The old Peugeot lamp is taken out and the new lamp is placed in its place. It’s not desirable to touch the lamp so it’s better to hold its base or use gloves.

Replacement of high beam lamps is a perfect opportunity to learn how to “interact” with the lighting system as the process is notable for its simplicity and accessibility.

Replacement of Fog Lamps

Fog lamps are replaced by professionals for 10-15 minutes. But beginners need much more time to do this. But they can replace fog lamps with their own hands if following the instruction as this work is simple and not dangerous:

  1. Turn wheels to the right.
  2. Push a wheel arch liner back. To do this, catch it at the foot of it and raise it carefully until you hear a click. This allows to access the base of the fog lamp as you’ll be able to see it.
  3. Take the lamp and turn it to the right by 90 degrees. Then, take the lamp out of the headlight.
  4. Turn up the grip. It is made of plastic so it’s recommended to act carefully and not to use special tools as there is a risk of damaging it.
  5. Take out the lamp. You need to make some effort and use both hands. This way you have to act by feel but the process is still simple.
  6. The new lamp is installed in the grip in the same place.

When you finish this procedure, repeat this from the left side. Some drivers replace the lamps through the bumper as a screen cleaner near the wheel blockades them. However, this procedure requires some professionalism and special skills so it’s not recommended to renounce it.

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