Peugeot Doesn’t Start – What to Do

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Peugeot not starting

In case when your Peugeot doesn’t start and you don’t know how to repair the car, then some basic knowledge will be useful for you.

You get into your car, turn an ignition key and hear… nothing, only silence.  Here several kinds of breakdown are possible: either the battery discharged, or the starter is broken, but if it spins, many reasons are probable. So, let us keep some order.

Doesn’t Start

Peugeot doesn’t start and the starter doesn’t spin

First, when you turn the key, you should focus on clicking under the hood. If you hear it, then switch to high beam and turn the key again. Check the light and the battery whether there’s a voltage slump. If there sre no problems with the slump, but you still hear clicking, it is clear that you need put the starter out and fix it. The Peugeot’s starter isn’t put out easily so it’s better to visit an auto service.  Then, if you notice that the light becomes much weaker, you need most likely charge the battery and try to start your Peugeot again.

Also with the battery discharged and the key turned to start position you can observe that the wiper blades incidentally start operating and the dashboard blinks.

But there are some specific cases if nothing clicks and the battery is charged, but after turning the key the car still doesn’t start and you hear only silence and no more. First that you should do is check the fuse under the hood that is current up to 20 A, and if it is not broken, the problem can be much more serious than you thought. It’s possible that the engine computer doesn’t let the car start and this can be connected with the engine itself or engine wiring failure.

Also it wouldn’t be worthless to check the tightening battery terminals, the load upon transmission and auto body mass, and, of course, the positive terminals on the starter.

If the starter spins and Peugeot doesn’t start, it can be more difficult to solve the problem because of many possible reasons.

  1. Put ignition plugs out and check them.
  2. Check the pressure in the fuel rail.
  3. Take the additional ignition key from the unit because it’s possible that the first one is broken.
  4. If the car still doesn’t start, than try to find some errors in the engine computer. The problem with abnormal operating signaling is probable. Sometimes something goes wrong about it and, as a result, it blocks a gasoline pump. In this case you definitely need test the wiring for continuity and unblock the gasoline pump.

But trying to start the car you can face more complicated failures, for instance:

  1. There’s something wrong about timing belts.
  2. The engine computer is defective.
  3. The crankshaft position sensor is also can be defective, etc.

I think I have managed to describe some common reasons why Peugeot doesn’t start.

And, finally, also check a shift knob of automatic transmission: it must be set to parking mode or to transmission neutral position ))).

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2 Comments on Peugeot Doesn’t Start – What to Do

  1. Hi, my Peugeot 3008 2011 2.0 diesel is not starting. It’s been standing in lock down. I charged the battery. It started 2 days ago. I then started it again, but had no luck, when starting it, it makes a click sound, but the engine is not turning, just click click. I am also having issues with hand brake, it shows a (!) flashing red. And it’s not releasing the park brake. Please help

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