How to change oil in Peugeot 308, 408 and 3008 by yourself, video.

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Oil in Peugeot 308, 408 and 3008 powered by EP6 engine must be changed once a year or every 20000 km. However you can do it more often. It would be OK but try not to do it less often.

oil in Peugeot , filtr

Tools required for oil change:

  1. 27mm socket wrench head, socket wrench extension and tap wrench
  2. Slotted screwdriver
  3. Allen key

Heat your car a bit but not overdo it because you may get burned. Heating will make the oil thinner and it will flow easier.

Remove the air hose resonator clamp using the screwdriver. In order to remove it you must press on two latches – first on the upper one and then on the lower one.

Turn the air hose aside a bit. There’s no need to remove it because it won’t make any problems to you.

Then put a rag under the filter housing and loosen its cap by the 27mm socket wrench. Let the oil run from the filter housing in the sump.

Wait for 2-3 minutes and then remove the cap completely and draw out the cartridge filter. Don’t use too much force while doing it. Now change the rubber gasket that comes with the filter. Then assemble everything in the reverse order of removal.

Unscrew the drain plug with the Allen key and drain all the oil from the sump.

Since the oil’s very thin don’t forget to put a new copper O-ring on the drain plug. Total OW-30 is a recommended oil for Peugeot 308, 408, 3008 and 308Turbo powered by EP6 engine.

You probably want to ask how much oil you should put in your Peugeot. 3-4 liters is enough as a rule, but you’d better put 4 liters very carefully and then top it up while checking its level with the dipstick till it reaches full mark.

After having finished all this, let the engine run for 5-10 seconds to fill the filter element.

And finally you can reset the service interval indicator (a symbol of a little spanner) on your dashboard not to miss the time for the next oil change. It’s a simple thing to do. Just switch off the ignition, push the reset button and hold it down. Then switch on the ignition while continuing to hold the button down. You will see the countdown from 9 to 0 on the service interval indicator. Wait till it reaches 0 and then set the button free. Now it is reset.

Check the oil level in the engine.

You can also watch a video about the oil change in Peugeot.




Is any reason to flush your engine while changing oil?

At first it may seem quite reasonable that you should flush it. It’s obvious that all kinds of deposits gradually form in any car oil system and do damage to the engine.

But don’t forget that simplicity is a very deceptive thing in reality.

Have you’ve ever seen any flushing fluids that have been made by top producers? You haven’t, haven’t you? But why so? The answer to this question is really simple. The composition of modern types of oil includes a lot of different additives and a flush additive is one of them. So there’s no need in any flushing fluid at all. It’s enough just to use high-quality oil and change it at the right time and the problem with flushing your engine will be resolved completely.

Many people flush engine while changing one type of oil for another. They do it to prevent particles of the old oil from doing damage to additives of a new one. But do you know what happens in reality? A top notch well-balanced composition of the new oil is mixed with a bad flushing oil. The famous words of one notorious politician are very suitable in this case: “We wanted it to be better but got the usual results”.

That’s why if you’ve made a decision to flush your engine, use very good and reliable products of top producers.

But the best decision is to perform the flush with the help of some ordinary but good engine oil, then go on it about 1500 – 2000 km and finally change it for a permanent oil.

Probably the decision like this seems somewhat expensive but engine repair will cost you much more.

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