Air cleaner replacement scheme for Peugeot 3008 (Video)

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This process will be difficult for Peugeot 3008 because you have to disassemble the jockey box.

In order to perform a decent replacement of this part, you will have to use skill and an important tool such as a ratchet and a torx 20, as well as long-nose pliers to extract the air cleaner.

The 3008 Peugeot cleaner is located behind the saloon heater, so you can replace it even on the passenger side. You can get to this part by removing the lid under the jockey box, which is attached to it by removable valves. You should remove this.

Next, you will release the jockey box from all contents, as all these things will surely interfere with you.

The jockey box consists of two parts, such as internal and external. The inside looks like an inward-facing recess, and you’re going to need to remove that by removing the attachment using three screws. Two of them are in the jockey box and the other one is hidden under the bottom cover of this box.

You should unlock the screws and remove the niche by its full release. On the left side, there are air ducts for the passenger’s feet heating and this is the part to which you should apply as much caution as possible and lower it down.


To complete this phase, you should:

— press the latch on the bottom of the air duct,

— bring the duct down on the skids.

Remember that you should be extremely careful because an air duct is a flimsy object that you are unlikely to be able to put back easily. Exactly behind this detail, there are two cleaning elements that are arranged on each other.

If you do not succeed in extracting filter elements, you should remove the cover and release two air cleaners. This is not an easy process, maybe because Peugeot is not a Japanese car.

Then, you will assemble the parts into a complete structure in reverse order. Afterwards, you can breathe the cleanest air in the saloon of your car.


We advise you to replace air cleaner at least once a year or at the end of the 20.000 vehicle kilometres. The ideal is if you do it earlier. The reason for this is that our roads are full of dust and poplar fluff, which can quickly spoil your air cleaner.

In this video, you will see how to replace an air cleaner.

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