Oil and Filter Change in Nissan Almera

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Nissan Almera-zamena-masla

It is necessary to change oil in Nissan Almera every 15 000 km. This procedure is almost similar to the oil change in other cars. Of course, you should do this until the engine is hot and after the drive. Besides engine oil, it is necessary to change a filter in the Nissan Almera engine too. To do this, you need some hole or ramp, as you need to remove a production protector before unscrewing a sump drain plug.

Certainly, there is an inlet for unscrewing the drain plug in the protector but you have to remove the protector to pull the oil filter out and install the new one. The filter itself is situated at the side of the cylinder head (near the first cylinder) and is directed to the radiator.

Open the hood and remove the oil filter plug. Underneath the car, unscrew six power plant protector bolts with a 10-point screwdriver and remove the protector.


Remove dirt from the engine sump around the drain plug inlet. Lessen the bolt of the drain plug inlet with an 8-point screwdriver. To drain the waste oil, place a wide 5 l container.


After unscrewing the plug manually, drain the oil. Attention! Be careful, as oil is very hot.

There is a steel rubber ring under the plug. If the rubber seal is damaged, replace the ring with the new one. If you do not have a new original ring, you can install a copper ring with an 18 mm inlet under the plug.


Drain the oil for at least 10 minutes. Rotate and tighten the oil drain plug. Remove oil leakages from the engine sump.

Turn the oil filter aside by turning it anticlockwise. If you cannot do this manually, lessen the filter screws with a puller. If you do not have a puller, puncture the filter body with a powerful screwdriver (near the filter bottom not to damage the engine adapter) and turn the filter aside by using the screwdriver as a lever.


Remove dirt and oil leakages from the filter position in the cylinder block. Apply engine oil to the filter ring and rotate the filter manually until the ring touches the cylinder block. Rotate the filter 2\3 times more to seal the screw connections. Pour 4.8 l of oil through the filter plug. Close the oil filter plug. Start the Nissan Almera engine for 1-2 minutes. Make sure that the oil pressure warning switch is off and that there are no oil leakages under the drain plug and the filter. Stop the engine.

After a few minutes (after the oil flows down into the sump completely), check the oil level and adjust it. If necessary, unscrew the oil filter and oil drain plug again. Set the power plant protector in its place. So, this way you can change oil in Nissan Almera.

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