Motor Oil change in Nissan Qashqai

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The process of oil change in this instruction is the same for all bodies of Nissan Qushqai of the J10 generation (models manufactured in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013).
Let’s consider oil and oil filter change in gasoline engines HR16DE, MR20DE and diesel engines K9K, M9R in detail.

Choice of oil and filter

In accordance with maintenance regulations, oil is to be changed in the engine every 15 000 kilometers when driving for long distances. Do it once a year.

In constant traffic jams it is recommended to change oil every 10-12 000 kilometers regardless of the period of use.
To do this, you will need: oil, oil filter and new gasket of the drain plug.

How much oil you need:

  •  Engine 1.6 — 4.3 l
  • Engine 2.0 — 4.5 l

Actually, you won’t do that without 5 l canister. First, boldly pour 4 liters in and then pour more oil in to the oil gage (see details below).

It is recommended to use NISSAN Motor Oil 5W-40
Part number of 5 l bottle: KE900-90042
There is not a fixed price. There are cheaper oil analogs and small containers for topping up.
You can buy bottling oil in stores specialized in oils. For instance, Mobil 5W-40 can suit.

Choose a plainer oil filter. Buy the cheapest one, as there is no difference.

The most demanded filters have the following part numbers:

  • 15208-9F6OO (NISSAN Oil Filter produced in UK)
  • 15208-65F0A (NISSAN Oil Filter produced in Japan)


You also need to buy the gasket of the drain plug. The price doesn’t matter too.
Buying all these tools and finding some time start changing oil.

Oil change

Change oil above the pit or car hoist. You need to lie under the car comfortably.

First, unscrew the boot mount from the right and left with a 10-point screwdriver.
It is stuck to the center with a clip. To remove it, you need to hook up the central part of the clip and put it down to 8 mm. Then, you can easily remove the clip.
Slightly turning back the boot, you will see mounted safety bolts, which you need to unscrew with a 13-point screwdriver at the front.
Loosen mounts at the back with the same screwdriver. Then, remove the engine protection.
Change oil only in the fully heated engine. To do this, start the engine and wait until the temperature reaches around the operating value and until the cooling fan switches on.
You should loosen a lid of the filler port in the engine in the underhood space. Then, place a container under the drain plug of the engine pan and unscrew it.

Use a 14-point oil drain plug. Pour the main portion of oil into the prepared container.
When oil runs down from the engine pan, i.e. drops rarely, remove the oil filter (it is located at the front of the engine) and let remains of oil drain out of the system.
New expendable items.
Clean the place where the filter is installed with a cloth. Grease its seal with oil, tighten it to slight resistance and then tighten it up to 2/3 turns.
Then, you should change the gasket of the drain plug and tighten the plug again.

Place the gasket on the drain plug in a way that a cut is pointed at the plug head and the flat plate is pointed at the engine pan.
Plug with a new washer.
Now you only need to pour new oil into the system.

Despite the fact that the canister with original oil has a convenient neck, it is difficult not to spill some oil at the beginning, so it is better to use a high funnel.

If you don’t have a funnel, you can easily make it of a clean and empty plastic 1.5-2 l bottle.

The main purpose is not to pour too much oil.
So, when you pour 4 liters, check the oil level with the oil gage every 100 grams.
When the oil level on the oil gage reaches the second graduation, stop pouring oil in. Cover the filler port with a lid and check the oil level on the on-board computer.

To do this, start up the ignition and press the button I on the wheel or TRIP on the dashboard, when you see inscription Oil Good The level should reach 4-5 graduations of 5.

Then, you need to reset the service interval mileage that is displayed on the on-board computer when the ignition is started up. On the restyled version it is reset via the menu when turning TRIP.

If the version is not restyled, do the following:

  1. Press the button TRIP on the dashboard;
  2. Start up the ignition and continue pressing TRIP;
  3. When an indicator of the service interval mileage with a spanner starts blink, release the button and press it again. Due to this, the service interval mileage will reset to 15 000 kilometers.
  4. To change the value of the service interval mileage, you should turn TRIP in different directions depending on the value.


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