Replacement of Cabin Filter in Nissan Qashqai j11 2017

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According to Nissan maintenance regulations, changing the Qashqai J11’s cabin air filter is not required every planned maintenance session. However, when driving on Russian roads, the air filter can clog up and stop functioning during the regulation maintenance cycle. We recommend changing the filter on your Nissan Qashqai J11 every 5-6 thousand miles.

Which replacement filter to choose?

The filter installed at the factory is Nissan 27277-4BU0A. Besides the original filter, one can install analogues from Chinese, Russian, and European manufacturers. When choosing the filter, one should always pay attention not only to the brand, but to the cost of the filter. Cheap filters don’t clear the air well enough.

Analogues to the 27277-4BU0A filter

  • Alco Filters MS6477
  • Filtron K 1355
  • Fortech FS148
  • Fortech FS148
  • FRAM CF-11854
  • Goodwill AG4221CF
  • JS Asakashi AC2513
  • Sakura CA18360
  • TSN 97882 carbon filter

There are both carbon and regular filters available for the Nissan Qashqai J11. The difference is that carbon filters do a better job of filtering the air and smells coming into the cabin, but cost more than regular ones.

Cabin air filter change instructions

Air filter change itself doesn’t pose a lot of problems even to beginner car owners. There are two ways to change the air filter on a Nissan Qashqai J11 — the first can be done without removing the glove compartment, while for the second one it must be removed. When changing the filter the first way, one has to struggle to go under the car to remove the cover plate and take out the filter itself. The second option is much easier in this regard.

Changing the filter by removing the glove compartment

First disconnect the glove box from the microlift as shown.

Then remove the 5 bolts — 3 on the outside and 2 on the inside, disconnect the illumination wire and pull the glove box out of the mounting seat.

You can see the location of the filter on the photo. Open the filter cover plate and take out the old filtering element.

Before installing the new one, clean the housing from dust and leaves.

In order to make sure that the filter is installed properly, you have to bend it a little and insert it into the housing gradually so that it goes in straight and straightens out inside. If the filter is installed crooked, less air will flow in.

Changing the filter without removing the glove compartment

On a crossover assembled in Russia, the cover plate screw has to be removed. Only then can you push on the retainer and pull out the cover plate.

Then, reach under the glove box and use a Torx star bit to undo the 20 mm screw holding the cover plate in place.

Push on the retainer and take off the cover plate. You now see the cabin air filter.

Carefully pull it out, clean the housing from dust and debris, and install the new filter.

Helpful tips for changing the cabin air filter

  1. In order for the air in the car’s interior to be clean, change the filter regularly.
  2. If the heater doesn’t work well in winter, and the side windows or the windshiield are fogging up, the filter might be clogged.
  3. Low air flow from the AC? The problem might be the car filter, since air can’t flow through a clogged filter.


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