Cabin Filter Replacement in Nissan Almera Classic

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It is quite easy to change the cabin filter in Nissan Almera Classic, so everyone can do this.

How Often You Should Change Filter

The change interval is traditional: do this every maintenance, 15 000 km or once a year. However, when you change the cabin filter in Nissan Almera Classic, you can often see that it is clogged with dirt or sooty. After installing the new filter, the blowing effectiveness increases significantly, as it was reducing quite slowly and insensibly.

Замена салонного фильтра Ниссан Альмера Классик

That is why you should reduce the change interval to a maximum of 20 thousand if you often drive down the dusty roads. As for constant traffics, tiny soot particles clog the cabin filter too even despite the fact that they are almost invisible.

You should change the cabin filter after the defoliation ends, as it is clogged with dust, as well as poplar wool with pollen, and wet leaves already trigger the putrefaction bacterial growth.

After changing the filter right after the summer ends, you can feel some stuffiness in the air: the leaves start decaying and you will have to change an absolutely new filter. There will be no dust in late autumn and winter, so the filter will last until the summer and even autumn.

How to Choose Cabin Filter in Nissan Almera Classic

The “original” cabin filter for Almera Classic is specified in the catalog as 27891-BM401-KE. It is unreasonably expensive for the usual paper filter, so you should think of buying a more affordable analog: there is no point in overpaying for the original packaging if the quality is the same.

оригинальный фильтр салона

The following analogs are popular:

  • TSN 9.7.20,
  • Goodwill AG 549 CF,
  • Sakura CA-1801,
  • MANN CU 2345,
  • Bosch 1987432075.

You can also pay your attention to more effective carbon filters:

  • Goodwill AG 159 CFC,
  • JS Asakashi AC201C,
  • 3f quality 649,
  • JD JDACX005C.

How to Change Cabin Filter in Nissan Almera Classic

First, you need to clear the glovebox out. The cabin filter is hidden behind it, just like in any other cars.

If the glovebox is completely open, it is held by two locks:


To remove the locks, turn them and pull them out.

потянуть фиксатор на себя

Pull the compensation flap through the slot.


Then, remove the glovebox.

снимаем бардачок

At the top, you will find a cabin filter cap. You can remove it by pulling two locks with the inscription “PUSH”.

вытягиваем фильтр

Disengage the old filter with your fingers and remove it.

старый фильтр салона

You should also treat the conditioner evaporator: spray it with some antibacterial agent once a year. As a result, the air in the cabin may not improve if the evaporator is not healed over but there will be no bacteria that may cause respiratory diseases.

You can also buy a ready aerosol bottle. It is important to choose a bottle with a long nozzle for it to reach the evaporator through the filter hole. However, drivers often prepare the antibacterial agent themselves, as this is cheaper and more effective. All you need is a usual spray that is filled with chlorhexidine and some aroma compound.

очистка отсека фильтра салона

After switching the conditioner to the recycling mode, spray the mixture over the cabin filter bay evenly until the sprinkler is empty. The air flow taken by the fan will bring liquid droplets that will settle on the evaporator’s surface. After using up the mixture, set the cabin filter in its place. As you mount the glovebox, the liquid will run down through the conditioner drainage carrying all the dirt outside.


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