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Japanese technology in the field of automobile production has always struck versatility, versatility solutions, quality and maximum focus on convenience and comfort of motorists. Known that one of the most popular car companies Honda has developed a new model of car to ensure safety. Sensing System has received the title and promises to be a new step in the field of vehicle safety technology. For the first time the device is set to a new generation of sedan Honda Legend.

The main feature of the system lies in the innovative ability to automatically change the direction of motion of the machine, and thus contribute to accidents related to knocking down pedestrians. Sensing’s system design – to prevent a collision with a pedestrian device consists of two types of sensors. The first is designed for installation in the radiator grille and in general is a radar. The second sensor – cameras that installation is carried out on the front glass of the car. The combination of these two sensors, devices that interact with each other, carry out detection of pedestrians.

The main functions of the system to prevent collision with a pedestrian Honda Sensing.

Sensing Security system automatically calculates the pedestrian growth, having a built-in detection, thereby able to distinguish between adults, children, animals and even baby carriages. Within one hundredth of a second electronic device performs calculations associated with the probability of collision with an object, while taking into account all possible factors and parameters (position of the automotive steering drive velocity and so on). Sensing a result, the system sends a signal to the braking system of the car, preparing it, and uses the system to avoid a collision if necessary. In addition, the device is equipped with a system of notification of the driver of a possible collision, and the inclusion of the braking program.

Additional functions.

In addition to the recognition of people, the latest development allows you to track the interaction of other traffic on the road. It is not only the availability of Adaptive Cruise Control, which has long ceased to be a novelty, but a function of tracking the movement of vehicles moving in the opposite flow. When the unit detects a possible danger, the signal is feed to the driver with the instructions of the optimal direction of car movement, which will avoid the accident.

The operating principle of Honda Sensing.


Recognition of the passengers, the analysis of movement of oncoming cars and informing the driver of the possible potential dangers associated with the clash – this is only the basic functions of the device, in addition to which the system is able to solve many other problems. Honda Sensing – a new step, a huge step forward in the implementation of the “car society free of accidents.” The device itself will notice a pedestrian, leaving the roadway, while instantly determine the speed and trajectory of its movement. If there is a probability of a collision, the system gives the driver a warning: audio and visual. If being behind the wheel of a person does not respond to the notification, the system automatically activates the braking mode auto and change the trajectory of drive for optimal from a security standpoint. In the case of an imminent accident, which threatens to clash, will be at full power is on the braking system until the final stop of the machine. This will help to reduce the negative effects of the collision.

The newest system to prevent a collision with a pedestrian Sensing is also capable to prevent and fix potential frontal car collisions with other road users, traffic sign recognition is a device and a system associated with the analysis of tiering movement.

Another more, but not less useful function Honda Sensing, is the ability to analyze and evaluate the situation on the road. This is most important when driving in a big city, especially during peak hours. When you are in a protracted tube device analyzes the situation on the road, synchronize the movement of cars with the traffic situation, if possible to start moving the system alerts the driver.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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