Windshield Creaks – What to Do

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Well, nobody likes the windshield creaking. Why does it happen? What are the causes of this annoying sound? In the article, read about the causes of the creak, hot to eliminate this problem, and whether it is possible to repair the windscreen when driving.

Windscreen Creaks


Causes of Creaking Windscreen

There are several causes of the creaking windscreen.

  1. The distortion caused by the manufacturing defect is rare but still possible.
  2. The windscreen often starts creaking after some particular operating time, as the sealing rubbers wear out.
  3. In the cold season, the creak is caused by the seal decrease. It loses its elastic properties in the frost.
  4. The windscreen also creaks after the replacement. The bonding agent doesn’t manage to dry up completely and, consequently, the new windscreen doesn’t fit enough and isn’t fixed.
  5. When straightening the body, even a small distortion may cause the problem mentioned above.

It the windscreen creaks, it is necessary to take effective measures to eliminate the problem. Read about this below.

Ways to Solve the Problem

Before talking about the measures aimed at eliminating the creak in different situations, let’s consider a possibility of repairing the windscreen. Drivers often try to eliminate this annoying sound themselves. This is not surprising, as this process not only brings pleasure, but also lets save much money.

In this case, if you make a mistake, you can lose your windscreen at all or, at least, not get rid of the problem. You will have to solve this problem in the other way. There is no point in asking “garage masters” for help. If the repair is low-quality, you will have to try to eliminate this unpleasant sound again and spend more money.

In this case, if you can’t solve this problem yourself, it will be better to visit the special service center. Perhaps, it will be necessary to remove the windscreen to change the seal. Specialists have everything, including special tools, to do this.

Let’s model several situations when you can eliminate the creak of the windscreen with your own hands.

What to do if you hear creak when driving

Windscreen Creaks


In this case, silicone grease may help eliminate the problem. If it is impossible to define the creaking spot, it is necessary to treat the upper part of the seal when turning it back gradually. Don’t worry about some extra seal on the windscreen. It is easy to wash the seal away with running water or water from the washer jar.

Summer Garage Works

In summer, dust and sand often enter the rubber. Friction causes the unpleasant creak. You can get rid of this by washing the windscreen thoroughly and turning back the seal with the water head. To do this, you need to visit the car-wash. Yes, it’s so trivial but you need a children’s water gun or a usual syringe.

This problem in winter

In winter, you can hear the creak if the car is warmed up or when driving. The creak is more likely to be caused by the worn-out seal: the rubber freezes to the windscreen and loses its elastic properties. If you can’t solve this problem yourself, it is recommended to visit the car maintenance service.

Creak after Replacing the Windscreen

The windscreen often starts creaking because of the fault fixation after replacing the windscreen with your own hands. In this case, you need to use the seal. Professionals from the maintenance station will help you solve this problem too.


If you have decided to get rid of the creak yourself, look through technical literature at your leisure and learn more about the methods other drivers use. You can also find many videos in the net that explain the cause of the problem and help drivers get rid of the creak visually.


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