Gasoline Smell in the Car: Reasons

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If you smell gasoline in the car

Car breakdowns can be divided into two categories: visible and hidden. And they are in turn divided into “those that are required to be remedied immediately” and “the non-critical ones that can be fixed later”. Unfortunately, because of motorist’s indifference “non-critical” breakdowns often turn into an expensive repair.

smell gasoline in the car

The fuel system is one of the most important units of vehicles. Drivers usually overlook its hidden defects. The one of such problems is gasoline smell in the car. Many motorists are mistaken when lay the blame on the recent refueling. In this case, gasoline smell disappears after a couple of minutes. If you smell gasoline for a longer period, it indicates that the fuel system is faulty.

You should never remain indifferent to fuel leakages. It is quickly flammable, and just one spark is enough for irreparable tragedy. If affecting a person for a long time, gasoline can cause hallucination and a man can go out.

smell gasoline in the car


Inspect the fuel system

  • Gas Cap Lead

The tank is equipped with a cap and a special valve that protect it from evaporation emission. The tank tightness is produced due to the gasket. As time goes one, it becomes less elastic and there the cracks can appear. The valve is also not durable and may break. It is impossible to repair these parts.  You can only change them in case of a breakdown.

  • Fuel Tank.

If the source of leakages is a fuel tank, you will smell gasoline in a rear bodywork of the car. You will smell it even outside. First of all, when smelling gasoline in the car it is better to pay attention to the fuel tank area, look under the car and ensure that there aren’t wet spots of fuel.

You can mostly smell gasoline when the fuel tank cracks. To find out a crack it is necessary to dismantle the tank. A leakage area is hidden by cold welding or is just welded up. It is better to ask specialists for doing that.

  • Fuel Pump

An old valve of the fuel pump can be a source of gasoline smell in the car. The inrush of the membrane and the pouring of gasoline can cause evaporation emission. It is quite difficult to fix the fuel pump, so it is much easier to change it. But don’t act so radically. First, it is necessary to change the valve. Perhaps, only valve is the reason for smell.

  • Fuel Line

Leakages in the fuel line can be the reason for gasoline smell. It is mostly because of the fuel filter pollution. There is usually high pressure in the pump as it fuels up for a long time. Thereby gasoline flows. First, examine the condition of the fuel hose. If you find out some defects, the pump strap is needed to be changed. If there is a necessity, change the hose and the fuel filter.

  • Engine Compartment

In cars with a carburetor gasoline can be smelt in case of too much fuel that can become a problem because of the wrong carburetor setting. In cars with an injector gasoline flows through the valves. To determine the area of leakages you should wash the engine and then drive for a while. As a result, with the help of gasoline and oil spots you will track the leakage. In most cases the changing of the valve solves the problem.


If you know all possible reasons for breakdowns, you can easily avoid them. For this, you just need inspect all the systems above regularly. By doing this you will solve the problem before it is too late.

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