Car review 2016 bmw 2 Series

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2016 BMW 2 Series

The BMW Group has added to its model line is another front-drive car. As stated by the manufacturer, at the motor show in Geneva the debut of the new compact van BMW 2 Series, which by its functionality and practicality than the previously presented model. It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that the company has provided for the new items and sports package. It consists of different suspension design, which enhances the anti-roll bars and lowering springs.

2016 BMW 2 Series

Due to this construction, the minivan was reduced by 10 mm ground clearance. As well as a separate chip to the customer will be offered the shock absorbers, in which you can customize stiffness.

New 2016 BMW 2 Series – what new

BMW_2 Series Gran Tourer_Wagon_2015

This new car can be called a real masterpiece, because it has a lot of new and useful modifications. The manufacturer said that such car will be indispensable in the long journey and for those who enjoy active recreation. Many modifications are an enhanced version of the previous model of the car, which should surpass its predecessor. The new compact van, although there is a relatively short length, but it can upon request equipped with a third row of seats. Well, that is quite enough space in the cabin. We also add that capacity luggage novelties at a high level. In addition, customers will be presented and a list of car modifications.

2016 BMW 2 Series is not alone

Referring befits a new car model; its characteristics included only the best qualities of the previous model. This model is no exception, so we have to learn the most important data, which were taken from a previous version of this line. The color range for the color of the body includes thirteen shades. Basic equipment supplied as standard on 16-inch dials, but now in addition also provides nine options disks, the size of which is 16/17/18-inch. Also to be offered and exclusive wheels 19 inches, designers are stylized them in the turbine impeller.

Presentation, dates and prices

Many fans of this car were real doubts because they do not see the difference immediately, but the characteristics of this new surprise even the most demanding car enthusiasts. Presentation of the new car, which was made in Geneva debut as many were, delighted with the precursor series 1. The price of the new BMW 2 Series 2016 starts from 31 000 dollars for the initial version and diesel will cost at least 33 000 $. Extra charge for automatic transmission is nearly 2 000 $. Later came a convertible 2 series, but it will be delivered only in some countries.

2016 BMW 2 Series changes

By looking closely at the changes in the new car, it immediately becomes clear that the manufacturer is very much bothered for their clients. Overall dimensions of the BMW 2-Series include: car length – 4556mm, width – 1800mm, height – 1608mm. Compared with the previous model, the novelty has turned out longer by 215mm and up to 55mm. In addition, engineers slightly “stretched” wheelbase to 110 mm, and now it is 2780mm. The five seating modification has a luggage compartment, which can carry about 645-805 liters of cargo. When folded back row of seats (by the way, this series can be moved forward / backward at 130mm), the boot capacity increases to 1906 liters.

The rear backrest can also be omitted on parts (ratio: 40:20:40), which provides a comfortable stay of passengers in the back row and downloading things machines. In addition, you can still fold and back of the front passenger seat that provides an opportunity to carry the goods maximum length of 2600mm. Developers are also provided in the trunk of a special niche, the volume of which as much as 100 liters, which can be easily put bicycle rack, but unassembled. We add that this mount is installed on the back of a minivan to transport the bike.

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