How to connect multimedia to the rear view camera, wiring diagram

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How to connect the camera to car multimedia with your own hands

One of the latest car innovations is a rear-looking camera. With it, you can park in reverse and make the rearward vision better. Besides, you can hook up the device yourself if your car doesn’t have this by default.

how to connect a camera to the multimedia



The device will work more effectively if it is connected to the radio-electronic system. Before doing this, you should read the instructions attentively and buy all the necessary tools. Then, you need to:

  1.  Mount the camera properly. To do this, you need to disable the positive terminal on the battery to prevent a short circuit. You can disengage it completely.
  2. Then, it is necessary to understand where to lay the wires. Open the truck and choose a spot. The best way out is to lay the wires in that place where the cords are already lying.
  3. The camera is attached to the bumper or above the license plate.
  4. Many Chinese cameras are installed instead of license plate lights.
  5. Now, you need to order the wires in the fore compartment. Disassemble several panels to reach the wires.

As for the connection peculiarities, it should be noted that the device will be fed if you drive in reverse. The device will work continuously for an hour. Then, it will be just switched off. This is quite reasonable, as the purpose of installing such a device is to expedite the parking.

multimedia wire diagram


Before hooking up the camera, you should ensure that the recorder has an LCD display. Then, you need the following tools:

  • Adhesive tape;
  • Soldering iron;
  • Screw gun;
  • 0.5 A fuse;
  • Glue;
  • Screwdrivers and wrenches.

The camera is hooked up to the recorder according to the following sequence.

  1. Find a peephole: in modern cars, you need just to pull the plug out.
  2. If there is no peephole, drill it.
  3. Install the peephole and glue it.
  4. Lay the wires from the power plant to the truck.
  5. Route the black cable to the car weight with a bolt.
  6. Feed the red cable (positive) from the backlight cable.
  7. Switch the yellow cable to the camera.
  8. Use the fuse to connect the device.
  9. Then, route the cables from the truck to the compartment and tape it. Be careful: the yellow cable shouldn’t enter under the fixing system. Follow the sequence and you will make no mistakes. To hook up the camera to the recorder, you need 3-5 m wires.

Then, you just need to check everything. Put in the battery and start the car. Turn the reverse gear and the recorder display will show a picture. If it doesn’t, enter the settings and set the “Camera” section.

How to connect media to your rear camera

How to connect media



You can hook up the camera to the rear-looking device in the same way, as described above. Despite this, you should ensure that the camera you’ve bought can be synchronized with the rear-looking device. If it has no special cord, you can buy a monitor and place it on the dashboard or replace the product.

The most important task when connecting the camera is to connect the wires properly. If you are not confident in your skills, you need to remove the battery and check the system efficiency by assembling it far from the car. After testing it, try to assemble it in the car. To do this, route the wires from the car truck to the recorder. If you put them under the carpet, they will be invisible.

You just need to connect camera ports to recorder terminals. The looking device is charged due to backup alarms when you get your car into gear. When all the wires are checked and connected, you should check them again.

The sequence of hooking up camera cable connectors to the recorder

Rear-looking devices are put into the spot where the license plate lights are situated. There are several ways to do connect devices.

  1. The first way: the device is switched on when the voltage of +12 V is supplied to the red cable. It is charged by the lights. The parking lines are switched on by default. If you want to disable them, connect the cables and isolate their ends. A video signal is carried from the cinch.
  2. The looking device is switched on when the voltage of +12 V is supplied to red and blue cables. The red cable is connected to the voltage of +12 V supplied from the ACC key position. The blue cable is charged by the lights. A video signal is carried from the cinch.

To carry a video signal, you need to install the video cable on the monitor. There are wireless devices that carry a video signal through the radio signal. They are often wired but have a transmitter and a receiver. A video signal is carried via FM or Wi-Fi. The latter applies the frequency range used to transmit an analog signal or the accepted digital network. If the transmitter detects like the smartphone detects Wi-Fi, you can use it as a monitor.

To hook up the wired device to the recorder but the main condition is a video input. Actually, this is a cinch. By the way, this may be in a multipin port. In this case, you need to read the technical documents that describe the assignment.

How to hook up the rear-looking camera to your laptop


To hook up the rear-looking camera to your laptop, it is recommended to use the PCMCIA TV-tuner. It has a port for the wired device. You can also set the wireless network. The best option is to use Smart TV Card that is perfect for the standard laptop PCMCIA port.

The tuner must suit your processor, so, before buying it, you should read the system requirements carefully. Actually, tuners require the P4-level capacity.

Rear-looking devices are connected via the standard port. It is controlled via the software. The rear-looking device will work if the laptop power button is pressed. There is a simpler way: you just need to connect the rear-looking device to the monitor that is connected to the laptop. Then, the back-running is switched automatically.

How to hook up two Chinese cameras to the recorder

Sometimes, it is necessary to hook up two devices – a front one and a rear one – to the recorder. Such a solution gives an opportunity to prevent problems when driving and drive as carefully as possible. Let’s consider in detail how to connect these devices.

  1. Remove the negative terminal from the battery. Place the recorder in the jockey box. Remove the dashboard. The rear-looking device is attached to the on-board power supply.
  2. Use the device that will track moving. It must have good light-sensitivity, and excellent shooting angle and proper resolution. The best option is the device captures the infrared spectrum of light, as you can use it at night in this case.
  3. The front rear-looking device is attached to the rear mirrors and held with a bracket. Its cables reach the recorder under the covering.
  4. The rear-looking device is mounted to the adjustable arm situated in the rear part of the car. To attach it to the recorder, remove the covering from the ceiling. After finishing, put the covering back.
  5. You just need to connect the monitor to the video recorder and see how the system works.
  6. On the monitor, the device overview is configured: you can increase the brightness, the focal length, etc.
  7. The memory card is installed in the recorder. Then, put the battery terminal back.

You just need to check the system. To do this, start the car. Sometimes, the settings are disturbed because of the shaking when driving. Then, you need to reset them. If you want, you can set not only the video recording, but also the data on the vehicle location and speed. You need a navigator for this.

If it is necessary to increase the shooting angle, it is recommended to use a transparent lap, Fisheye. It should be also noted that it is very profitable to use a video recorder, as it doesn’t hit the eye. This means that vandals will hardly see and steal it.

So, as you can see, you need a recorder and a camera to endure an excellent rearview. Moreover, you can install them with your own hands.

How to connect a mirror with a rear view camera, connection diagram



connection diagram

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